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I am a true foodie, a want to be, really want to be golfer and I am also a business operations and communications strategist with 20+ years of leadership experience in the agency world. I've actively participated in progressively growing a $3M Omnicom agency to a $30M+ agency (tripling its growth in three years) and have core competencies in corporate vision/strategic planning, strategic marketing, new business planning, operations management, recruitment and staff development. 


Helping my clients reach their full potential is my sweet spot. I help them to improve, or turn around, or grow their current operations in order to get to their next level of growth.


I also spent 7 years working in broadcast in the both production and creative services and have a strong video background.

My partner and I live in beautiful Savannah, Ga and when I'm not accelerating the growth of an agency, I love to cook, binge on Netflix, golf, relax on a beach or in front of a fire, explore new technology, take road-trips, visit wineries, find a flea market (then pretend I can make a piece of junk look like a treasure), talk to my family in Indiana, fantasize about my beloved Hoosiers winning another NCAA Championship, engage in my social channels and dream of the day there is no social injustice, no bigotry, no global warning, no poverty, no starving children and no war.


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