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Accelerating Growth and Increasing Efficiency



With 20+ years as an operations & marketing executive in the communications agency world, working within numerous integrated communications platforms (social, digital, video, print, live meetings/events, brand activation, traditional advertising, branding and trade shows/exhibits and PR), I provide fractional COO services to ensure that the proper strategies, operational controls, reporting procedures and processes are in place in order to grow your agency or small business. Helping my clients reach their full potential is my sweet spot. I help them to scale, improve, turn around or grow their current structure in order to get to their next level of growth.


I work with small non-agency businesses and small to mid-sized communications agencies across the country, as well as Barbados!


Strategic Partnerships

With all my years working in the agency world, I have developed some great relationships with incredible marketing talent across the board. From branding to digital to advertising/marketing, SEO, social, events, etc. True specialists. If you have a marketing need, I can work with you to ensure you have the best talent, pinpointed for your given need in order to reach your desired outcome.

If you are interested in becoming a strategic partner click this link  to learn more or email me.


A little bit about me...

I am a true foodie, a want to be, really want to be golfer and I am also a business operations and communications strategist with 20+ years of leadership experience in the agency world. I've actively participated in progressively growing a $3M Omnicom agency to a $30M+ agency (tripling its growth in three years) and have core competencies in corporate vision/strategic planning, scaling, strategic marketing, new business planning, operations management, recruitment and staff development. 

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